RIP = Displacement, Demolition, Deforestation, Disastrous Development

RIP is being sold by developers as a way to help ordinary Portlanders by building more affordable and lower-priced housing choices.

Actually RIP is a GREEN LIGHT for developers to demolish the affordable and lower-priced housing left in Portland, and displace the lower-income families living there, to build expensive infill housing for high income buyers, investors, and AirBnB operators.  Like these new $650,000 infill duplexes.

Here is a video that shows the truth on the ground.

You can explore the whole presentation and map – just click the image below.  The map is interactive: move it around, zoom in and out.   The red dots are all rental houses at risk of demolition – and families at risk of displacement – by RIP.  Click the upper right icon on the map to display the rest of the map legend.

Q: What Came first – the lack of Affordable supply and diverse housing choices
– or –
The erasure of it through no-cause evictions, double-digit rent increases, demolitions, and market-rate redevelopment?

Is the Residential Infill Project the Cute Gift its proponents allege it to be
– or –
Is it the Trojan Horse Land Grab that critics charge?

Let’s take a look at the Truth On The Ground.

The RIP narrative alleges that current zoning excludes renters and diverse housing types and that upzoning will create more “missing middle” options that allow renters and low-income families to live in areas that currently exclude them due to zoning.

But Existing Dense and Diverse Multi-Family Housing already exists in areas RIP seeks to redevelop

And Portland’s Working-Class Communities Also Include a Large Number of Single Family Rental Homes

This Map Is Interactive – Take a Look Around … The Legend is there in the right-hand corner

As you look around this map, ask yourself if RIP is really about creating diverse housing options that benefit renters, low-income families, and communities of color…

… or if existing Affordability and diversity are what we are already losing at an alarming rate
due to speculative market-rate redevelopment…

… and what we stand to lose for good if most of the city is Upzoned, Demolished, and Redeveloped
for more profitable Market-Rate Replacements.

In the middle of an Affordable Housing Crisis CAUSED BY a speculative real estate gold-rush, can we really trust that Land Use Zoning Deregulation will result in anything but exacerbating and perpetuating
the economic violence of Gentrification?

RIP will incentivize widespread displacement, exponential increases in land values, loss of the urban tree canopy, and a demolition epidemic that will make the current environmentally and socially harmful evisceration of our city pale in comparison

Tell City Council That Portland Is NOT FOR SALE To The Highest Bidders

Demand Stronger Tenant Protections,
Anti-Displacement Regulations,
Demolition Restrictions,
Affordability Mandates,
and an End to Conflicts of Interest in Land Use planning

Use the Stop RIP button in the sidebar.  Send your email opposing RIP to the Mayor and City Council.

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