Testify On The Residential Infill Project!

Here is how to testify on the Residential Infill Project.

Testify online using the City’s Map App. Just click the blue “Testify” button, fill in your name and other information, and type or paste your testimony. You can attach files as well. Your online testimony should be submitted by January 15 to be safe. Testimony may be accepted on January 16 too, but we don’t know on what hour the cutoff falls.

You can testify online with the city’s Map App

Email your testimony to the Mayor and city Commissioners.





Whatever you submit online, it’s best to also email that directly to the Mayor and Council. Otherwise they may only receive staff’s summary of the online testimony.

Testify in person at City Hall, January 15 starting at 2 pm, and January 16 starting at 5 pm. There may not be time for everyone to testify. Each person will be limited to 2 minutes. Be sure to submit your testimony online and by email, in addition to testifying in person.

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