HB2001 Threatens All of Oregon

HB2001 will re-zone all of Oregon, not just Portland. Concerned voices in other cities are speaking out.

Here is a thoughtful opinion from Eugene, published in the Register-Guard.

“Homeowners in many of Eugene’s single-family neighborhoods are in the crosshairs of a radical bill in the Oregon Legislature that would entirely eliminate single-family zoning. This ill-conceived bill would dictate that older, less-expensive areas be exposed to wholesale redevelopment, while wealthier areas and all new subdivisions would remain protected by homeowner “covenants, conditions and restrictions” (CC&Rs).”

“Eugene’s past experience with similar upzoning of the “Westside” area (west of Jefferson Street, between 8th and 13th Ave.) is proof of what HB 2001 would cause — bottom-feeding developers jamming shoddy multiplexes into backyards of distressed rental houses, destabilizing the surrounding block and causing an exodus of economically-mobile households.”

“Similar effects have occurred across the nation when lower-density, more affordable areas are suddenly upzoned. Investors pick off lower-cost properties and redevelop with multi-units regardless of the impacts on adjacent and nearby homeowners. The appeal and value of affordable homes with modest yards declines, and impacted households, especially families, give up and sell at whatever price an investor will pay. As a result older, lower-cost and family friendly housing is replaced with more expensive multi-unit condos and rentals.”